No Parking for Syria in the EU

3 06 2012


As is usual in World Affairs, violence is taking place rather than proper action in order to prevent it. Cynically, we might once again blame diplomats for their idleness and laissez faire coldness. But despite the stereotyped frostbite in their hearts, so hard to chisel off in the eye of outsiders, there is but despair and misunderstanding in inflicting such abuse to the orderly, trained and especiallyobedient men and women which comprise the diplomatic service worldwide.As sticks and stones may break their bones, words will not hurt them. And although despite a few who decide to sign out for moral reasons (God bless them), most have to stick with the “whether you like it or not” government policy, which can be describedsometimes as dim-witted, slow, idle and from time to timeeven unsympathetic.

Once again, that place which we aforementioned is Syria.But those much criticized diplomats are not EU diplomats. In such a crisis, they have managed to team up in order to once again condemn the latest killings (which have gained altogether worldwide condemnation for the sheer violence of the conflict, with around 100 casaulties, that has earned a name of its own: Houla). A pat in the back is what theCatherine Ashton’s EU External Action Service deservesdue to the coordination of the condemnation and sanctionsby many Member State officials and even the declarationofpersona non grataof many Syrian Ambassadorsin these nations (countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain, according to Le Monde). Of course, their allies at the other side of the Atlantic, USA and Canada, have done the same in order to pressure the Syrian government over the ousting of the president (Al-Asad) and the end of theviolence between faction groups and the government.

The latest abovementioned massacre’s authors are not truly clear as Western media insists on blaming the government and the government blames the terrorists. This blame is not as we may believe to be unrealistic (see the following letter of the Syrian government to the UN Security Council about terrorist attacks: One thing is for surethough: the shelling of civilian homes isn’t exactly “heroic”, as the Syrian foreign ministry spokesman described the national army, according to the BBC.Furthermore, the author of this article has had the chance of talking to a med student about the some of the wounded in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011, where he described the torturing of children as something that can “take many years of sleep”. These resistance groups are not without their fair share of the violence either, by further provoking the army and organizing attacks that end up with civilian casualties. The government also seems to reprimand the hidden foreign and existing intervention into these groups.

All the work put in place by Western powers and the latestUNactivities sound reassuring and one can even say with great pride that it is an honour to be a citizen of one of these democracy-hugging countries. Russia and China, on the other hand, are slightly more reluctant to proceed. Criticism with these countries has largely decreased due to the amount of violence in the region. It seems that the rivers of warm blood that have been shed lately have given way and both reached and melted the ice within their hearts.

In the end, it looks like yet another reminiscence of a game calledCold War, in which the old and tattered Communism (to be precise, a custom made one for each country) has given way to a new democracy-tinted autocracy (possibly the worst nightmare for the establishment of a law-binding state) but still sees the “West” as a potential enemy. These countries declare that it is unlawful to intervene in countries’ internal affairs and could bring violent and unpredictable consequences such as the bombing of civilian homes by NATO in Libya. Also, countries like the USA have a vile reputation for intervening and funding resistance groups (in accordance to their interests) in countries that despite not having good human right records at all, do not comply with their economic aspirations such as oil exploitation (exempli ad nauseam, Chile, Panama, Ecuador and modern Iraq).

This is why Western powers, such as the USA and the EU, should cease to approach countries in such a way in order to not appear to be hypocritical in the eyes of countriesthat do not wish to intervene andshould set an example in order to defend human rights more effectively around the World in the Security Council.A truly priceless act.

Cecilio Oviedo



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11 06 2012
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